EmiCart is an Enterprise level E-commerce platform from Emilia Technologies built using Java/J2EE based platform independent architecture suitable to create both single store and multi store e-commerce websites. It boasts of many unique functional features along with a strong list of technical strengths which makes it one of the best choices to build scalable E-Commerce websites quickly.

Customer gets an advantage due to a custom J2EE architecture built completely in-house within Emilia premises rather than having a tight dependency on external third party APIs which sometimes creates issues and technical challenges during future maintenance and enhancements of website. Unlike most other prominent e-commerce engines built using PHP based architecture, EmiCart provides high scalability, security and platform independence due to a Java based design. The UI generated out of product is based on a responsive HTML5/CSS3/JQuery based design and the product provides feature rich front end and back end modules suitable for e-commerce websites of any size.

Functional Features of the product:

  • Enterprise level Java/J2EE based Scalable and robust Technology architecture.
  • Proprietary technology framework developed in-house under the supervision of industry leading Technology Architects.
  • MVC Architecture built using JDK 7, JSPs, JQuery, HTML5/CSS3, JQuery, MYSQL, EJBs and J2EE Web Services technology stack.
  • Tested for a very high concurrent User load (Performance Benchmarking results are made available on request).
  • Rich list of features with responsive Front End and Backend UI.
  • Support for various Synchronous and Asynchronous operations.
  • Highly optimized response structure with industry leading compression mechanisms deployed.
  • Strong Caching framework to cache the non-frequently changing data structures.
  • High usage of Ajax based operations for faster screen load time.
  • Support for Batch programs to apply various changes in Stores, Products and Categories data in chunks rather than one operation at a time.
  • Scheduling frame work for automated operations to be performed.
  • Highly optimized Database operations through tuned SQL queries and Stored Procedures.
  • Highly optimized Database design keeping the best Database design practices in mind.
  • Support for SMS and Email based notifications.
  • URL Rewrite framework to ensure beautiful SEO friendly URLs.
  • Support for Category images and multiple Product images.
  • Customization framework to customize most of the important parameters of operations easily. Internationalization support.
  • A UI architecture which enables the UI to work on the web browsers across operating systems and platforms.
  • Encompasses both Single Store and Multi Store Cart features.
  • Provides huge list of rich functional features related to Order Management, Order Processing, Order Tracking, Products Management, Categories Management, Promotions Management Store Management like Store Information, Delivery Modes, Payment Modes, Delivery Timings, Product Prices, Quantities etc, Customer Management, Loyalty programs etc as the primary modules along with many other small and big sized functional modules.
  • Inbuilt support for various Payment Gateways.
  • Completely customizable as per Customer needs very quickly with the help of strong team of Emilia experts.