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EmiERP is a Tracking and Management system for the Manufacturing industry. This is highly suitable for manufacturers in whole lifecycle tracking of their production process from the time of new order to order processing till order delivery. This has already been tried and well used by multiple Apparel manufacturers and has really simplified their production management process with increased efficiency and lesser hassles.

Features of the product:

  • Web based solution with robust technology architecture.
  • Can be deployed in-house within intranet/LAN and also on an internet based server accessible from everywhere.
  • End to end tracking of Production process from the time of order till delivery.
  • Strong Admin panel to configure various items, users, prices and processes.
  • Create entries of various IN and OUT challans.
  • Features to track the inward entries of all users-processes completed during production process of a challan.
  • System managed accurate handling of attachable processes, counts and users (based on roles) across parallel and sequential processes.
  • Individual Payroll reports based on the rates set in the system.
  • End-to-end tracking and drill down of whole process for a challan or lot.
  • Printable reports.